Monday, July 27, 2009

more valle pintado...

me, early morning, across from the inter-planted flax and buckwheat...
view of community space from the garden
new years day on a hike down the rio azul
kitchen corner
community meal with the family.
the cobb oven at a later stage
Rachel with our breakfast of oats and coffee
the mixing pits for the community building project
how to cobb a window
The rio Azul, running through our back yard, this was our place for rest, inspiration, reflection and our bathing and drinking water.
our outdoor sink and dish storage
cobbed oven, made out of an old 50 gallon drum
Rachel and I were lucky enough to help with the construction of the community building, an ongoing project for the time we were there.
hoeing in the fields
the garden in early summer.

arrive at the valle pintado!

The community building at Valle Pintado farm
Alex's House up the hill from the fields
my home for a few months
compost toilet to the left and tool shed to the right
picture of the garden from above...

traveling to Chile for a week before heading down to El Bolson Argentina to work on the farm

Valcon Lanin, Lago Tromen and araucaria forest

to walk around a crystal clear lake on black sand beaches next to a volcano with some of the oldest living trees in the world....doesnt get more magic than that.
city street downtown

ARGENTINA-Nov 08-March 09

flew into Buenos Aires and walked around for several days, trying to get a little grounded. Here is some public art from the city center.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Aprovecho's harvest festival drew almost 200 people out to the farm. The day ended with an elaborate 100 mile feast- one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Hope this fall is finding everyone healthy and happy! I wish you all a bountiful harvest.
The C.E.O. and cutest resident of Apro-Raven and myself.

We share this cider press with 3 other families, and it has made the rounds this season! We have pressed 100's of pounds of apples this fall. We just bottled over 100 bottles of hard cider this week! The press by far my favorite piece of machinery.
welcome to Aprovecho...
Kyle and the cider press.
Lili's fermentation workshop

100 mile diet-harvest festival

Volunteers arriving in the morning.